Client Services Overview

ACTI provides the software for Precision Scribe Viewer (Transcribed documents database) accessible with secure User ID# and Password from any web accessible PC.

•  No long distance telephone charges. Toll free access to our in-house dictation system.

 • If you prefer to use the Hand-held, PC, or Speech Mike dictation equipment, you have the option of buying the equipment, programs and licenses or rent them from ACTI. Setup and technical support is provided by ACTI.

No contracts are required by ACTI but are available if needed by your facility. A trial period is encouraged by ACTI at client’s discretion.

12 hour turnaround – average is less than 12 hours.

1-2 hours or less for priorities.

 We can incorporate template designs into our System or design a specific template for you. We will use normals as requested.

 We utilize the highest levels of encryption for your dictation and the web-based interface that allows you to review your online documentation. PScribe uses 256-bit encryption for all its systems. Audit trails are in place and are fully trackable for Joint Commission reviews. Confidentiality Agreements are signed by all MTs. Secure internet website with user access restricted to validated log-in.

• The dictation system is extremely user friendly and can be programmed to emulate your current office or hospital dictation system.

 Physician “help cards” are provided by ACTI.

 Administration staff can be trained in less than 15 minutes on the use of record retrieval. This can be done in person or over the telephone.

Documents can be retrieved indefinitely.

 Full edit, view and printing privileges are available based on facility needs.

Audit trails are in place.

ACTI staff is available to do editing as requested also.

ACTI prides itself on accuracy and effective client specific MT training. We review 100% of all new clients’ notes for accuracy.

• Ongoing customer service is a hallmark of ACTI and is our #1 priority.

• We can accommodate customized billing.

We can also customize the invoice to reflect cost per dictator or per site, if multiple sites exist. Many report options are available to our clients.

We pride ourselves and are well known for our friendly and cooperative customer service. We can be reached 24/7 at our office at 706-731-9689 or 1-800-470-0656.  Email Laura at: